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From the Total Drama Community, AdmiralLindsay has hosted many camps in his time. Follow this wiki page to get all the details on his camps, along with upcoming plans for the future!

About the AdmiralLindsay Camps Wiki

This wiki features all of my camps. I have hosted many camps, these include Admiral's Next Top Model, Spark a Note, Strike a Pose, Total Drama Big Brother, Total Drama Endurance, and The Total Drama Hunger Games.

My most successful camp is without a doubt Spark a Note, this series has had one successful season so far, and that was enough to spark the interest of many youtubers, you can now see singing camps everywhere. However, Season 2 has been officially casted and it was also given a twist. Season 2 will feature judges, this isn't a huge twist but many people have different tastes in music, so it will be harder than the contestants think.

My next most popular camp would be Strike a Pose. This series has been given three seasons, with many more expected to come. Close to fifty models have been seen throughout the three seasons, even more will be seen in Season 4 which will be starting up very soon!

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